Your Bag That is…
This blog is a follow up to our post about the rise in Baggage Fees imposed recently by all North American air lines. We cannot really discuss the fee for checking your bag without discussing the effect that rising prices has. And that effect is, in our opinion, one of the huge problems with air travel right now. It is amazing what people will call a ‘carry on’ just to avoid paying the aforementioned fees.

How Big is Too Big?
Many travellers seem to think that the size of a carry-on bag is a subjective thing, but really it is not. While a few airlines vary slightly, a carry on bag is most often defined as 22 inches high x 9 inches deep x 14 inches wide. This is the outside measurements of the bag when fully loaded. In addition, travellers are allowed one personal item that is 9 inches x 10 inches x 17 inches. A personal item is supposed to be a a laptop, purse, small tote, briefcase, or camera case, NOT a 2nd carry on suitcase.

As an illustration, this Adidas bag is 19 inches x 10 inches x 7 inches fully loaded and when turned on its side (which is standard). And yes Tara can carry this bag on fully loaded (including laptop) for a 2-night trip. That means no ‘personal item’. One bag and done. For our next trip we will see if this bag can work for 3 nights. Maybe our next blog will be about ‘How to Pack’?

Bag Frustration
Yes, it frustrates the crap out of us when people bring bags that are too big. But what is even more frustrating is the fact that the airlines let them. If all gate agents made sure that the rules were enforced then people would learn. Yes, we understand that it would be difficult at first (and the pressure is on the front line agent) but it would make the whole air travel experience better for everyone in the end, which can’t be a bad thing. So here are our rules:

  • If you bring on your bag it MUST fit in the bin in the correct direction and NOT take up the space allowed for my bag.
  • If your personal item does not fit under the seat in front of you (no matter how small the plane) then it is NOT a personal item.
  • If your seat is 20C do NOT put your bag above 3A as soon as you get on to ensure yourself a space. That is NOT your space.
  • If you work for an airline please stop letting all of the above occur.

Our Philosophy
We will continue to carry-on our smaller than regulation size bags when travelling for 2 or 3 days and continue to check our bags (and pay for them) when traveling for longer. We probably could get away with bringing the larger bags on the plane but the inconvenience to ourselves to haul and carry and lift them as well as the pain in the ass it is to the other ‘law abiding’ passengers makes it not our thing. Sometimes are bags are just too big, but we know it! We hope that even one regular offender reads this blog and checks their bag on our next flight. Pass it on.

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