Travel BC
Sometimes you never know what you will find in small towns when you are ‘location independent‘. We’ve been back in Canada since late-March and mostly back and forth from Alberta to Vancouver to Vancouver Island. We are repeating the route on a regular basis (almost too often, but we are still enjoying the lifestyle). Our most recent trip had us going from North Vancouver to Valemount (pronounced Valemont), BC, a place we had never been to before (other that a quick gas stop a month earlier).

Small Towns
As most of our regular readers, friends, clients and anyone who know us at all will attest to we are not small town people. Give us high rise buildings made of steel and glass anytime! A stop in Valemount just worked for us on our drive to Alberta as it had a Best Western Plus (a minimum requirement to stay at a Best Western of any kind). BONUS… we had loyalty points that made the stay a freebie. The hotel was new, clean, had great furniture and a nice pub with great TV’s for Stanley Cup playoff viewing. But enough about that!

Craft Beer
When we arrived we decided to take a quick drive through town (population approx. 1,000) before checking in at the hotel. It was a short drive down ‘Main’ street just off the highway. As we got to the end of the street we saw a small shop with a sign for “Three Ranges Brewery”. You should not be surprised how quickly we found a parking spot and headed in to check it out. 

Three Ranges Brewery
The Three Ranges Brewery has been in business for three years. The shop was clean, neat and looked like it opened yesterday. Very impressive. The staff was casual, fun and super friendly. There also was a nice wooden patio that would be great in the summer months.

We decided to try the four 4 ounce tasters. These included the Up Swift Pilsner, the Derailed Pale Ale, the Sacrifice Red Ale and the Tail Slap IPA. All of them were great, not a bad one in the lot. While I would typically default to the Pale Ale and Tara would probably like the Pilsner best we both settled on a six pack of the Red Ale to take to the room for the night.

Sometimes you can find hidden gems in small towns like we did in Valemount, BC! Give it a try if you are in the area, we think you will enjoy the brews.

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