Travel Slower
A few months ago we posted a blog about why we sometimes like to visit the same place twice. The first time we visit a new city what we do, what we see, how we feel, is very different from the second time. You can read that post here

But we also like to make sure we see enough of a place the first time to really get a sense of it. This means our 3-day rule. If we are driving and we are not in a hurry to get somewhere (like out of the cold) we give ourselves three nights in a new place. This gives us a chance to really get the vibe of the place much more than a 12 – 18 hour stop over. When we fly to a new country, we definitely put this rule into effect.

Stay Long Enough
With our two recent winters being spent in various locations with our own car we have learned to slow down our travel and really ‘get into’ the place that we are visiting. The first night we arrive just in time to check out the cocktail and dinner options. The next morning is about finding the perfect spot to work. You can learn a lot about a place by checking out a few coffee shops. They give you a vibe for the neighbourhood and the people in it. Afternoon (Day 2) is for exploring the ‘must see’ tourist attractions. Yes we consult Trip Advisor but also Matador (online) and Travelstoke (app). This leaves all of Day 3 for finding those hidden gems that every city has. How do we find them? Always ask a bartender!
Overseas Adventures
The ‘stay longer’ or ‘3-day’ rule also helps us plan trips by air. When we visited Italy in 2014 we spend three nights in 5 different cities (Rome, Sienna, Florence, Lucca and Venice). Some say we missed out on not seeing more of the country but we feel we got to know these places better. 
Our plans for next winter, and the way that we are laying out our itinerary (more on that in another blog) are also affected by this philosophy. We actually are giving the main cities that we are most interested in 6 or even 7 nights each. Yes, we will be giving up the opportunity to get a glimpse of more of the country but for us, becoming as local as you can in 7 days is more important.

Sometimes staying long enough in a place to get to know it is just not practical, either because the place is not easy to get to or is very expensive. Or sometimes we just are not comfortable committing to a place that is so far out of our comfort zone that we might hate it. This is when we choose to cruise. We likely would not have visited Guatemala or Honduras if not from a cruise ship. 


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