Travel & Cocktails
As we continue our ‘location independent’ travel, the last post about that is here, we continue to see, eat and drink new things. Lately one of our favourites in the drink category is a good Old Fashioned which we discovered a couple of years ago. A friend had been posting them on Facebook long before we ever really tried one. During our travels we have now been through both Kentucky and Tennessee twice where Bourbon and good Old Fashioned’s are available on almost every street corner. We have tried quite a few in order to perfect our own home recipe, but now we are reluctant to order them in places that might not make them as good as we do at home.

The Perfect Old Fashioned
Of course when you find something you like, you try to replicate it at home. It is cheaper (in Canada at least) but more work and you need all the ingredients to make it a success. After many trys (and sampling) we think we have perfected the “Perfect Old Fashioned”. Follow along in photos…

Step 1 – Choose your Bourbon. While we like this one we would also be happy with Makers Mark or Bulleit Bourbon. We’re sure there are many others out there that would be just as good. A two ounce pour is a must.


Step 2 – Get your syrup ready. This home made version from Old Forester is a favourite. We use a teaspoon (but some people prefer sweeter).  If we do not have a pre-made, we often do the poor persons version and make our own syrup with a 1:1 ratio of sugar (we prefer brown) to water boiled. It works but a pre-done syrup is so much better because this one from Forester also includes the bitters.


Step 3 – This a must, add 3 dashes of Angostura bitters (available in most grocery stores).


Sept 4 – Add a cherry (and a bit of the cherry juice). Maraschino will not cut it, you need to find a dark cheery in syrup to really make this work.


Step 5 – After stirring the other ingredients we sometimes like to add 1-2 ounces of Club Soda. It all depends on how strong you like it. Some days…no Club Soda required.


Step 6 – Add one large, perfectly square ice cube. One is enough. Yes – in our travels we now carry a tray that makes four of these.


Step 7 – Sit back and enjoy!!

Disclaimer: This is Jeff’s perfect Old Fashioned. Tara’s actually has 2 dashes of Angostura bitters, 3 dashes of orange bitters and an orange peel to run around the rim and put into the drink instead of the cherry.


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