Sporting News 
As traditional media continues to shrink their sports departments it has been more difficult the past couple of years to find good journalistic, interesting and well written articles. Particularly for the sports teams and cities that your passionate about. 

The Athletic
The Athletic is a subscription based sports news service. I had seen some articles posted on Twitter and when I clicked the link to the story I was only able to see the first couple of paragraphs. The rest of the story was hidden under the subscription based model. The writing (what I saw) was fantastic. I did think in the beginning that the model of a paid subscription would never work. Who would pay for content when there is a lot of available for free on the internet. I was wrong.

The Athletic put out a 30% savings offer on their subscription. I finally bit and I am so glad I did. The regular monthly fee (without a promotion) is $7.99 per month $US. The writing and content is fantastic, the best available in sports in my opinion. Proper versions for the best reading experience are available for desktop and on their mobile App. You also can customize the content specifically for you. Pick your favourite team(s) and have the content tailored to your liking. One of the best things about The Athletic (in addition to the content) is that their model being subscription based has no advertising or pop-up ads!

If you are a sports fan and are looking for great writing and engaging content, give The Athletic subscription a try, I think you’ll like it. I know I do! I will renew even without the promotion. 

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