Location Independent Day 1,095
Today marks the 3rd anniversary of the moving truck hauling most of our belongings to a storage unit in downtown Vancouver (which we are still paying for, but more on that later). And as it was at Day 730 that we decided we still love it! We have had a bit of a shift in mind-set which started when we took a job in Hinton, Alberta last summer which required us to rent an apartment. We stayed in Hinton for 40 consecutive days, which beat our second longest stretch in the same bed up until that time by a whopping 28 days.

Longer Stays = More Local
What those 40 days showed us was that longer stays really let you ‘live like a local’. We found the butcher and best hair salon and got to know a bartender or two, not that Hinton had many. We did try every restaurant in Hinton and we did see the town from a different perspective than that of a tourist. This lead us to the decision to try to build our 2019 summer calendar with more long stays, but not before spending the winter moving around (a lot) Down Under.

3rd Year Highlights
We have enjoyed the 4 provinces and 33 states we have seen much of so far, but the highlight of the year (and the whole Location Independent time so far) was the 10 weeks we spent in Australia and New Zealand starting on December 1st, 2018. It was a once-in-a-lifetime- trip that covered only a fraction of what there is to see, learn and experience, and it was expensive, but worth every penny. We did a pretty bad job of blogging our Oz adventures but did mange a few posts. It was a whirlwind trip with our longest stay in the same bed on a cruise ship traveling around New Zealand for 12 days. The rest were 2 to 7 night stays. We loved it, but it also reinforced our plan for more long stays.

Year Four Plan
We have no intention of stopping the travel at this point. In fact, we’ve spent considerable time cleaning out our storage unit and will actually be able to downsize to the bare essentials before the end of August. That means we have nothing left, even if we wanted a long term new place. A bit scary, but also much better on the wallet.

After we returned from Australia at the beginning of February we spent six weeks in California and Nevada. We then entered the first of our long stays in West Kelowna. We rented a two bedroom with a large kitchen and BBQ and enjoyed being able to host overnight guests and to cook – a lot. After Kelowna we moved to a one bedroom rental in North Vancouver right at the Quay and we bought a BBQ. We are in the middle of a 3-month stay and loving it. We still travel to the Kootenays and Okanagan monthly but only for a few days at a time.

We liked the West Kelowna stay so much we are headed back for 3 weeks in the fall before driving East to Calgary, Regina and Winnipeg to see family and a new client, before turning South. After spending 3 weeks in three relatively ‘new to us’ states (North & South Carolina and Georgia) we have secured an apartment for 6 weeks (from US Thanksgiving through New Year’s) in San Destin, Florida. The rest of the winter is still in the planning stages but more stays of 7 to 14 days are the goal.

More Travel Tips
We plan to write more and share travel tips and our journey, but who knows, we said that before and have only been OK at it. You can follow our ‘Where We Are Now’ in the sidebar of our blog page. If we are, where you are, connect with us on social because we’d love to get together!

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