What Does Shelter in Place Mean to You?
When we originally heard the term ‘shelter-in-place’, the first thing that came to mind was a tornado or hurricane warning. However, in today’s world it has come to mean something entirely different for all of us, and a phrase that we hope to never hear again. For most people it means ‘go home and stay there’, but for many others, including us, ‘home’ is a grey area.

Our Home
When Las Vegas closed its doors on March 17th we headed North to our original home. One of us was born in Winnipeg and the other moved here at a young age. It is where we went to school, graduated, met and got married but it no longer is the only place that evokes feelings of home. Don’t misunderstand, we are very grateful to be here and to have a place to return to when the world goes to sh*t. It just is no longer the only place that we call home.

What Does Home Mean to You?
Everyone has their own definition of home, that feeling of comfort or relaxation when you enter, or that safe safe. We get the feeling of home around familiar spaces, favourite places and regular routines, not necessarily because of the building in which we are sleeping. Over four years of constant travel and many more of consistent travel there are several places in which when we arrive we exhale, smile and get that ‘good-to-be-here’ feeling. Two such places are Sandestin, Florida and Las Vegas. We have spent considerable amounts of time (a month or more, more than once) in both places and, crazy as it may sound to some, they are comfortable for us.

Back to BC
Two other places that we now call home are Vancouver and Kelowna. The 9 years in our Coal Harbour apartment cemented our love for downtown living, any downtown, any where. Kelowna offers a more laid back lifestyle which we avoided for a long time, but actually do really enjoy. We are very fortunate and grateful to be able to have both options available to us to choose from. We would like to sincerely thank Mom K for feeding and sheltering us for weeks and for being the perfect ‘cell mate’ 😉. We are now ready to venture out into the big bad world and make our way West.

More Quarantine
We followed our International quarantine to the letter (the one they handed us) and even after 22 days, we each have only gone out once. At this time we believe that a 14 day quarantine when entering BC is requested and we are going to do our best to achieve that. After one night each in Regina, Calgary and Revelstoke we will load up on supplies (aka wine) and spend a week in an Osoyoos timeshare followed by 6 weeks in a Kelowna apartment. Although all of our Kelowna golf course clients are open (and hopefully will remain so) meetings are still going to be done by phone and zoom for the foreseeable future.

We are not sure yet where we will end up after the six weeks in Kelowna, so let’s end this blog with a favourite quote from a band that always feels like home:

It doesn’t matter where you are,
It doesn’t matter where you go.
If its a million miles away, or just a mile up the road,
Take it in, take it with you when you go…

Any guesses?

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