Round 2 – 2015 NHL Playoff Predictions

I went 6 & 2 in my round one NHL Playoff Predictions although only 2 & 2 in the Western Conference which I would consider myself more knowledgable about. Anyway, the Canucks are done and my interest has lessened but I’m still a fan and below are my predictions for round two. View the round one picks and results!

Western Conference

Chicago Blackhawks vs. Minnesota Wild – Chicago Blackhawks in 6 ~ Chicago 4 – 0

  • I really can’t see Minnesota winning this series. I think the Blackhawks will get stronger every round and with Kane back they might be a good Stanley Cup final contender.

Anaheim Ducks vs. Calgary Flames – Anaheim Ducks in 4 ~ Anaheim 4 – 1

  • Sorry Flames fans but this one will be over before you know it! The Ducks are just too big and too talented to lose this series.

Eastern Conference

Montreal Canadians vs. Tampa Bay Lightening – Montreal Canadians in 7 ~ Tampa Bay 4 – 2

  • This is going to be a close series and probably the most entertaining of the second round. Too close to call in my opinion so I’ll pick the Canadian team 🙂

New York Rangers vs. Washington Capitals – New York Rangers in 6 ~ New York 4 – 3

  • Everything being equal the difference in this one will be goaltending and the Rangers win that battle hands down.

Agree or disagree with my picks? Leave a comment below.

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