2017 NHL First Round
I have to admit that I was busy and didn’t watch a lot of games early on in the first round; so busy that I forgot to write a blog with my picks. I did manage to catch some games later in round one. Whether you are a big hockey fan or not you have to admit the NHL playoffs are an exciting time of year and a much different style of hockey than the regular season. Even though my team isn’t in the playoffs (yeah, bring it on Canucks haters) I’ll watch and cheer for the other other Canadian teams, except the Leafs of course (I just can’t bring myself to do that).

2017 NHL Second Round Predictions

Western Conference

Nashville Predators v. St. Louis Blues
Nashville looked great in round one and they had to be to beat an always tough Chicago team. St. Louis was good as well although a couple of bounces either way and it could have been the Minnesota Wild moving on.

Prediction: Nashville Predators in 6 games

Anaheim Ducks v. Edmonton Oilers
Anaheim breezed through the first round and enjoyed some extra time to rest by sweeping Calgary. The Ducks really looked like a force to be reckoned with. Edmonton did a good job against the always tough to play San Jose Sharks. If the Oilers thought the San Jose series was physical they haven’t seen anything yet.

Prediction: Anaheim Ducks in 5 games

Eastern Conference

 Ottawa Senators v. New York Ranges
Ottawa played a good series against the Bruins and their goaltending was solid which it will have to the against King Henrik and the Rangers. The Rangers seemed to find their way in the goal scoring department and without a doubt have the edge in goal. This should be great round 2 series.

Prediction: Ottawa Senators in 7 games

Washington Capitals v. Pittsburgh Penguins
The kids of Toronto did their best but were no match for the superior Capitals in this series. Ovi vs. Sid the Kid is full of intrigue and I’m looking forward to watching this one. Despite questions in goal the Penguins were the better team defeating the Blue Jackets 4 games to 1.

Prediction: Pittsburgh in 6 games

Round two of the 2017 NHL Playoffs begins Wednesday. Let the games begin!


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