After 20+ months eating, drinking, driving and living on the road I have some observations or “rules” if you will, for guys using a public washroom.

Top 7 Rules for Guys Using a Public Washrooms

  1. This one is easy… there is no making small talk with a stranger in a public washroom! Not even a “hi” is appropriate.
  2. When there are three urinals and I am at the one at the far left, do not take the middle one if the far right one is available… ever.
  3. Take your paper towel and move away from the dispenser so the next person can get a paper towel to dry their hands.
  4. Don’t linger in front of the mirror, it’s in a guys bathroom, it is not a vanity mirror.
  5. Girls will like this one… take good aim and stop pissing on the floor.
  6.  If your paper towel misses the garbage, pick it up and put it in the garbage.
  7. Always wash your hands, can’t believe I even have to add this as a rule. It’s interesting in the U.S.A, as we travel, how most public washrooms have signs that say “employees must was hands”. They may want to change these signs to “patrons must was hands”!

Bonus Washroom Thoughts 

  1. When travelling the Interstate Highways the BEST washrooms are located at trucker gas stops (like Love’s), and are always super clean. The WORST washrooms are always at any fast food restaurant just off the highway.
  2. Hotels always have much better washrooms than restaurants when you are in a city. Sad isn’t it!

Hope you enjoyed this? Leave a comment so we can expand the list.

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