Did anyone catch the 30 minute Saturday Night Live Weekend Update sketch on NBC Thursday night? The stellar Will Ferrell gave a great opening address where he attempted to endorse Republican nominees, the “Hot Lady” Sarah Palin and the absent John McCain against the “Tiger Woods” guy Barack Obama (no mention of Joe Biden). ‘John McCain’ was hunted down by Palin’s husband to reluctantly accept the endorsement. Bush/Ferrell went on discuss Cheney pulling his strings for the past 8 years and expected Palin to do the same for McCain. What a great skit about what the U.S. election has really turned into…sex versus the minority!

Although not a Republication fan (and we do hope the Democrats win), we wouldn’t be disappointed if the Republicans won the election if only to watch Tina Fey play Sarah Palin the gun toting Republican for the next 4 years (or 16 years as Tina/Sarah gave a thumbs up to in the SNL sketch).