Sports and Politics do go hand in hand. Why else would China have hosted the 2008 Summer Olympic Games if not to use the high profile sporting event to show off itself as a superpower?

The connection has also been prevalent in recent weeks as professional athletes have been heard both endorsing election candidates and threatening to run for themselves. LeBron James, Kareem Abdual-Jabbar and countless other NBA stars endorsed Barack Obama, Charles Barkley told CNN that he will run for governor of Alabama in 2014 and Ontario residents are urging Pinball Clements to enter Canadian politics.

There are many athletes that have already moved on to politics. Jesse “The Body” Ventura, former professional wrestler, has been the governor of Minnesota since 1999. Jack Kemp, a Republican Party big wig for the last 40 years actually quarterbacked the San Diego Chargers and Buffalo Bills for 13 years before turning to politics. Ken Dryden was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 1983. He was elected to Parliament in 2004 and named the Minister of Social Development. The great Howie Meeker, former NHLer and Hall of Fame broadcaster, even dabbled in politics spending 3 years as a Conservative MP in the Ontario riding of South Waterloo while he was still playing for the Leafs.

So why not professional golfers? Should we start considering Mike Weir to succeed Stephen Harper and what about Phil Michelson for President in 2016? (Yes, I do think Obama will be around for the full 8 years.) How about John Daly for Supreme Court Justice? He is already becoming quite familiar with the American justice system.