The Thank You Economy
Gary Vaynerchuk has some great examples in his book The Thank You Economy that really expresses something that happened to us this week. We have a phone (a land line) in our apartment. No one knows the phone number as we don’t want to receive any calls on it. We prefer our cell phones as our only communication channels. So when the phone rang the other day we were both surprised and even more surprised that I  actually got up to answer it. Something we rarely do… it almost never rings!

Panago Pizza
We order pizza a fair amount, probably every two weeks and apparently we have used the land line to do so at some point. The call was from Panago pizza and went like this:

Panago: Hi this is Panago Pizza, we noticed you haven’t ordered from us in the last 90 days (we rotate pizza places that we use so this could be true).

Me: OK… (in my head thinking, what do you want, because surely they want something).

Panago: We appreciate your business and have attached a $5 credit to the account with this phone number for your next order!

Me: Really?? (Now I’m waiting for the shoe to drop… do I have to order today? Is it valid only if I complete a survey? Do I have to spend a 100 bucks?)

Panago: Yup, just call in with this phone number and 5 bucks comes off the bill.

Me: OK… (awkward pause)… thanks 🙂

Panago: Have a great day!

I got off the phone and immediately told Tara of the news. I’m shocked, but can you guess where we are ordering our next pizza from? Not only that I’ve re-told that story and bunch of times to friends, how many of them are ordering their next pizza from Panago? That, as Gary Vee (Vaynerchuck) would say, is The Thank You Economy! That is how businesses Pay It Forward.


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