Our Year in Food – July to December
This post is part two of Our Year in Food. Part One was posted yesterday. As a wind-up to 2011 we decided to look back at some of our favorite meals and experiences of the year. We created a photo set of the most memorable ones and below is a list of the location, the meal, why it was great and the blog post we wrote.

We actually ate at the Greedy Pig in July but did not get around to posting the blog until December. Who knows? But regardless it was one of the best sandwiches we have had since discovering the Cardero Bottego when we moved here in 2008 (sadly it is now closed). The staff split two sandwiches for us, the grilled reuben made with J Beethoven Corned Beef  (our favorite) and the grilled cheese on sourdough. They even made the reuben with sauerkraut only on half for Jeff. The food was great, as was the decor and service and we need to go back soon! (Greedy Pig)

Also in July we took a two night trip to Salt Spring Island staying at the Harbour House Hotel. We ate at Mexijo, Moby’s, Auntie Pesto’s, Harbour House, Shipstones and the Tree House (yes all in two and a half days). The highlight was a dish from Auntie Pesto’s Cafe – grilled prosciutto wrapped asparagus with a slightly crispy finish, topped with shaved parmesan and a drizzle of truffle oil. A poached egg sat on top and was the perfect combination when cut into. This was a great trip for us. We really enjoyed Salt Spring Island and the float plane trip over and while a bit pricey for a two-day getaway is again on our must do list! (Dining on Salt Spring Part One, Part Two and Part Three)

On July 30th my sister got married in Winnipeg (Welcome to the family Brian, Noah, Brenna and Braeden) and we spent 10 days in Winnipeg. Many, many meals also marked this trip (and one that I helped cook for 40 people the day after the wedding  – but that is another story). On the last day of our visit, August 2nd, both of our families got together for dinner at Sydney’s at the Forks. The prix fix menu had some great items and the food and service was above our expectations. It was a great night with both families together. (Sydney’s at the Forks)

 On September 1st my mom arrived in Vancouver to spend three days with us before setting sail with my Aunts and Uncles to Alaska. We took in the Chinatown Night Market and a few ‘foods on a stick’. We also dined at Judas Goat, the English Bay Boathouse, had a BBQ night at home and enjoyed a very memorable BBQ breakfast on our patio cooked by Chef Jeff the morning before setting sail.
The Alaskan cruise aboard Celebrity Century set sail September 4th and was also memorable with amazing glacier views, a raft down a glacier fed river, lots and lots of food and a great family trip. Of the ports the most interesting meal was had in Icy Point Straight, Alaska. Very few passengers disembarked at the ‘built-for-cruise’ destination managed by the Huna Totem Corporation. We were lucky to enjoy lunch with our Cruise Director John and delicious local chowder, caribou chilli and fish tacos on fry bread. On board my favorite meal was actually an eggplant strata and no one else agreed with this choice. (Alaska Cruise Part One and Part Two
October was a month in which we visited the same restaurant 3 or 4 times (which is rare) Preston’s Vancouver in the Coast Coal Harbour Hotel. It has become one of our favorites and we regularly visit. There have been some early service problems but the food is always good and the prices are a good value. We have now introduced both clients and family to the restaurant. (Dining at Preston’s and Preston’s Follow up)
In November we spent a week in Whistler and ate at Hy’s, the mx at Ric’s, 21 stepsElements Urban Tapas, the Crystal Lounge and Wildwood Bistro. Hy’s I will mention later but Elements is always a winner. Their signature potato tartlet topped with chive crème fraiche accompanies every breakfast instead of the standard hashbrowns. Every breakfast also comes with a shooter smoothie in place of fruit. We both stuck with items we have loved before – the Tomato, Avocado Eggs Benny with aged cheddar and pesto hollandaise and the Aged Cheddar and Honey Ham Frittata.If you go to Whistler you must go here! (Dining in Whistler)
Of the year 2011 if we had to pick our three favorite restaurants they would be Hy’s, Pourhouse and Judas Goat. In December we got to visit both Hy’s and Pourhouse leading up to Christmas. We do not take food photos at Hy’s because it seems to be the one place that it is too obvious and seems inappropriate but for the last 7 years both the Whistler and Vancouver locations have been on our top 3 list. We have also heard that the Winnipeg location has improved since it first moved to its new location so must be tried on our next visit. Pourhouse is a winner for food, service, decor and their bar. They have the coolest vibe, a great drink menu, interesting and engaging bar staff and a beautiful bar. Judas Goat does not have the decor (unless you count the view of the interesting happenings in the alley), or the service levels but the always changing menu, the great food and its uniqueness make it great. (Hy’s and Pourhouse)
So the question for 2012 is – where can we eat now that we will find interesting and delicious?? The food journey continues…If you have any favourite suggestions please share.
If you have not seen the full photo set – Our Year in Food 2011 – view it here.