Printers Not Responsible for the Lions Playoff Loss
So the BC Lions got blown out in the Eastern Conference final, it wasn’t like anyone expected them to really win. No team has every made it to the Grey Cup since the cross-over playoff format was implemented. What would make it different for the Lions?

Printers had completed 43 of 68 passes in the regular season for a 63.2% completion record, better then his career total of 60.9%. However his quarterback rating of 93.3 was far below his 158.3 ranking in his first go around with the BC Lions in 2003. And his interception percentage of 2.9% was his highest as a Leo (you can’t really count his time with the brutal Hamilton Tigercats).

You can hardly fault him for the Lions loss in the Eastern final, with first downs similar to Montreal 17 – 19 respectively. But ultimately it was the lack of support from the offensive line that led to the Lions demise. Net passing yards were close, but with 14 yards rushing to Montreal’s 105 and 4 sacks against 2 to Montreal that was the real story of the game. The O-line was a huge disappointment!

So the question of the day is will Casey Printers return as a BC Lion in 2010? Click on our POLL to place your vote!