First Nooner at the Nat of the Season
On Friday I had my first chance of 2010 to head out to a ‘Nooner at the Nat’. This is of course one a few Vancouver Canadians games held at 1:05 PM at the Scotia Bank Field & Nat Bailey Stadium. It was a great Vancouver day with a 22 degree temperature and blue sky as far as you could see.

The Company
It was a boys ‘Nooner’ game and Tara was good enough to drop us off as long as we found our own way back. The ‘Doctor’ and the ‘Professor’ made for great company on this day. The stadium was not full so after our $12.50 ticket purchase each we ended up sampling seats throughout the ball park. The best seemed to be in the 4th row along the first base line although we tried out the third base line and upper first base area all of which were in the direct sunlight. After 7 innings however we finally moved under cover behind home plate in an upper row for the final two innings.

The Game
The game and the entertainment were very enjoyable! We saw a body check at home plate with the Canadians catcher holding onto the ball for an out, a Canadians home run and a Canadians great saving grab at the wall to save a run. However the good guys lost the ball game 6-5. It didn’t damper our enthusiasm as our group had a great afternoon for the ‘Nooner at the Nat’. Looking forward to doing it again this summer.