BC Lions Home Opener
So last Saturday we went to the BC Lions home opener at Empire Field. It was a great experience and you can read Tara’s blog “How to Enjoy the BC Lions at Empire Stadium”. Now I want to start by emphatically declaring that I am NOT a CFL, or NFL for that matter, football expert. I never played past the age of 10, I go to about 4 or 5 Lions games each year and watch a bit of other CFL games on TV if they fit into our schedule.

The Lions Offense
I’ve been saying this for a couple of years and finally decided to write a blog post about it. Primarily I am finding the Lions offensive game boring (even offensive, bad pun). My perception of the play calling from the sideline is something like the following (there may be a few other plays they run, but this sums up my thoughts):

     – Run, gain of a few yards and throw short of the first down line, punt.
     – Throw for a few yards; throw again short of the first down line, punt.
     – Take a penalty, first and 15, throw a 10 yard pass and run just short of a first down, punt.

Simon & Jackson
That might be a bit cynical, but the lions have some serious guys that could have an impact if given a chance at some meaningful yardage. Let’s cut Paris Jackson and Geroy Simon loose occasionally. Geroy, by the way, had some big yardage at the end of last week’s game when finally thrown to, but alas the game was out of hand. There are probably other players who can have an impact too if given a chance, but I’m no expert!

Casey Printers
Final thought, did the Lions not bring Casey Printers back because he could throw some long bombs? He didn’t throw for any yardage worth writing about in the first half before going down with an injury in the home opener.