One Year of Location Independent
July 31, 2017 marked our 366th day of living location independent. We didn’t plan for it to be a whole year, but that’s how it has turned out. We did rent a furnished apartment in Vancouver on May 26th but since work trips have kept us away half of each month we are returning to full time location independence of September 4th. Plans for another Southern Road Trip starting in November are underway.

If you have not followed along our journey and are interested you can do so by checking out the location independent blogs of the past year to see the what, how, when and where of our 366 day adventure:

We also have a huge collection of photos – just a few of them (80) are on Facebook.

Cities We’ve Slept In (in order of appearance)

    1. Vancouver, BC
    2. Courtenay, BC
    3. Nanaimo, BC
    4. Kamloops,BC
    5. Invermere,BC
    6. Okotoks, AB
    7. Calgary, AB
    8. Regina, SK 
    9. Winnipeg, MB
    10. Minneapolis, MN
    11. Chicago, IL
    12. Louisville, KN
    13. Nashville, TN
    14. Savannah, GA
    15. Cape Canaveral, FL
    16. Richmond, BC
    17. Whistler, BC
    18. Miami, FL
    19. Key West, FL
    20. Key Largo, FL
    21. Orlando, FL
    22. Tampa Bay, FL
    23. Pensacola, FL
    24. New Orleans, LA
    25. Baton Rouge,LA
    26. San Destin, FL
    27. Lake Charles, LA
    28. Austin, TX
    29. San Antonio, TX
    30. Carlsbad, NM
    31. Las Cruces, NM
    32. Mesa, AZ
    33. Palm Desert, CA
    34. Hinton, AB
    35. San Diego, CA
    36. Escondido, CA
    37. Las Vegas, NV
    38. Salt Lake City, UT
    39. Bute, MT
    40. Jasper, AB
    41. Valemount, BC

Total Driving Distance: 32,647 kilometres/ 20,274 miles

Airports We Flew In or Out Of

  1. Orlando, FL
  2. Seattle, WA
  3. Vancouver, BC
  4. Nanaimo, BC
  5. Los Angles, CA
  6. San Diego, CA
  7. Edmonton, AB
  8. Calgary, AB

Total Air Travel Distance: 14,728 kilometres/ 9,205 miles

What’s Next for Us?
While we have been between Alberta, Vancouver and Nanaimo all summer, official location independence starts again September 4th. We will be spending most of September in Alberta and early October in BC. We will attend the BC and Alberta PGA Buying Shows and sponsor the BC NGCOA Chapter Golf Tournament at One Under on October 10th. The plan is to be in Winnipeg by October 20th and heading South in early November before we see any of that white stuff. We have visited 26 of the 50 states so that leaves so many more new cities and places to see! We look forward to seeing you along the way!


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