When You Have No Home
The last few weeks have had a few challenges that are unique to our current lifestyle. Being ‘homeless’ means that we do not have a home to ‘hunker down’ in, which seems to be what the ‘world’ is recommending to slow the current ‘chaos’. However, if we did have a home, I don’t think we would choose to stay in it anyway. We have had many offers from friends and family in Canada to come back and stay with them for a while but we have decided to remain in Las Vegas until April 4th as planned. We are fortunate to be traveling by car and had no plans that involve air travel or cruising for the next 4 months. We will decide the rest of our trip and the date of our return to Canada as things change and progress. We will adapt our schedule to add in time (and a place), for self-isolation when the time comes.

Vegas Continues
We feel very safe here in Las Vegas. We have adjusted our routine somewhat to work more from ‘home’ but are still supporting the local economy with lunch in restaurants, a nightly cocktail out on the strip and a few rounds of Pai Gow. This article from Conde Nast praises the travel industry for attempting to cope and we can see here in Vegas the great efforts that casinos, restaurants, bars and hotels are taking to keep everyone safe, and to be flexible to the very fluid situation.

As we enter a casino door handles are being wiped and sanitizer is readily available. Bartenders are sanitizing bar seats between patrons and Whole Foods has hand wipe stations as you enter and as you leave. All of our upcoming weekly timeshares have sent precautionary information and cancelation options. It has been quieter than usual for the last week but last night we still saw three bachelorette parties having a great time, the bar at ‘The Strat’ was full and people were still jumping off the SkyJump  just for fun! 🙂

The World of Golf
As for our industry and our clients we believe that golf is very safe. Canada, Western Canada and BC are safe. Golf courses and ranges are open. You can play golf with your own clubs and your own ball, putt with the pin in and tap elbows at the end in thanks of your round. Clubhouses and other local businesses are open. With a little pre- and post-round modification, golf can get you outdoors, away from the news and give you a chance to focus on that birdie putt. And with social distancing maybe all gimmies should now be 6 feet! 🤣

Get out and do what you do, just be safe!

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