BC Brews
Our winter trip and taste through California has renewed our interest in both BC wine and craft beer. Not that there was anything wrong with the Napa Valley wines and the San Diego Craft beer scene but we think there are some unique finds in BC, as well as, gulp, better value. You can get some very cheap bottles (both beer and wine) down South and some are very good. But when looking for great taste, a fun and local experience and a good story BC gives California a run for its money (especially with the current exchange rate)!

The Noble Pig 
NoblePigThe Noble Pig Brewhouse in Kamloops, BC is the first microbrewery in town that combines house made craft beer with a unique beer inspired menu. We have been to Noble Pig before and while our service experience was not great the first time (the food was) we gave it another try, this time in search of beer.

With seven regular taps (plus one or two seasonal) the Beer Flights – $6.50 for 3 (plus an extra $.50 if one is seasonal) was the way to go. The taster glasses had a very cool chalkboard finish so the server could write the name of the beer. Other brew houses should take note.

House Lager – 4.5% Alc/Vol | 20.5 IBU
Golden yellow, smooth and easy to drink.

Fascist Pig Pilsner – 4.5% Alc/Vol | 43 IBU
Deeper color, aged 2 months, more character. This was our favorite. Maybe something to do with the name too!

Imperialist Pig IPA – 6% Alc/Vol | 63 IBU
Hoppy but not over-powering. The four types of hops (Columbus, Willamette, Cascades & Styrian Goldings) do not make it too hoppy for the anyone to enjoy.

Noble Pig Flight

For more than a taste
Also on regular tap Noble Pig offers Honey Badger Pale Ale, Wallonian Pig Belgian Peppered Ale, Prodigal Swine Dark Amber and Mocha Porter. All are available by the glass ($5), pint ($6), 1/2 Jug ($14) and Growler ($14) to take home. We did not fill up our growler on this trip because we had another brewery destination in Invermere to visit (another post to come), but we will be back.


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