Havasu Motor Speedway 
A couple of weeks ago we attend our first car race EVER, at the small Havasu Motor Speedway in Lake Havasu, Nevada. It was awesome! We both got such a thrill watching it and the five different types of cars race around different tracks. The kids (5-9 years old) in Go Carts were on a smaller inside track and the racing culminated with stock cars in a 100 lap race. Super fun and interesting. Also a great value.

Nascar Las Vegas
Our great experience at the Havasu Motor Speedway made us really excited to attend an official Nascar car race the next week in Las Vegas. It was going to be a great day with a 100,000+ of our (closest) friends. 

Las Vegas Motor Speedway
The LVMS was a great venue and although the signage entering with our car was weak (at best) we found our way to a parking lot (free parking). A long walk to the venue preceded but it was interesting with a lot of fun things to see or do. Remember, we are first time Nascar visitors.

Leaving Las Vegas (Motor Speedway)
As we were leaving the event we were both commenting on what a fun afternoon it was at the races. Until… we tried to leave the parking lot. Remember we’ve been to NHL, NFL, NBA, Rugby and Concerts in multiple cities so the Las Vegas Motor Speedway can take this blog for what it is worth. Leaving the Las Vegas Motor Speedway was (by far) our worst experience at a professional event EVER! It took us 1 hour and 45 minutes to leave the parking lot (yup parking lot). What a joke! It ruined what was a great afternoon. There was no signage, no one in charge and no mention on the website (or when we bought the tickets) that we should plan to take shuttle or stay after the race was over. If we had been warned we would have made alternate plans.

Based on our exit experience we will NEVER go to another Nascar event. It’s too bad because we had fun, but the Las Vegas Motor Speedway is the most disorganized thing we have ever seen. If you plan to drive to this event in the future, don’t. Buyer beware! 

Social Media
Interesting to us was the lack of any comment or mention from Nascar or the Las Vegas Motor Speedway on Social Media even though we tagged them on Twitter and Facebook. Guess they really don’t care about consumer feedback! See you never again Nascar. Too bad!

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