Memphis, Tennessee
Tennessee is largely known for it’s Tennessee Whiskey, not Bourbon or Scotch as you might think. However, in our three days in Memphis we learned that Tennessee is an emerging craft beer market. Most pubs, lounges and bars we went to (for the music of course) had a good selection of local brews on tap. 

Wiseacre Brewing
During our time in Memphis we checked out the Peabody Hotel to see something called the “March of the Ducks”. Check it out here, it was pretty cool! We managed to find a seat at the bar (you have to get there about 90 minutes before the Ducks march at 5pm to get a good viewing location. The Peabody does not do draft in the main bar but had a number of local selections available in either a can or bottle. The Wiseacre Brewing name comes from a term that the owners grandmother used to use when disciplining them as children!

Ananada India Pale Ale
I chose the Ananda India Pale Ale for my local craft beer selection. The Ananda is brewed by Wiseacre right in Memphis, Tennessee. It has a Tap Room open to the public, but sadly we’ll have to save that for another trip. The beer is made with two different types of Hops and the flavour is a bit dry and a little too citrusy for my liking. It was OK but I would like to try other brews from Wiseacre before giving this one another taste.

Onto the next craft brewing city, Nashville, Tennessee this week!

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