In a Short Time Our Expectations Have Changed in a Big Way!
We were on Vancouver Island last week doing some social media training and meeting with many clients and connections.  Our first stop was Fairwinds Golf Club for social media training, first for the management team, then for a group of their members.  Part of each presentation included a section on consumer expectations.  The example we used was from Gary Vaynerchuk’s (Crush It! & Wine Libary) video blog, in which Gary mentions the expectations consumers now have for internet connections in hotels, motels, B&B’s or generally any accomodation. 

If you think about it, it was only about five years ago that we got excited when we checked into our accommodation and it had an in room dial up connection.  Remember dial up?  Wur wur err sccccrreeeech (repeat 10 times) and before five or six painful minutes you were ‘on-line’.  Then came the really exciting part, open a web page wait three minutes for it to open then click a link on the page… wait another three minutes, you get the picture (remember the days)!

Bed and Breakfast on the Green
At Fairwinds, in Nanoose Bay, we stayed at the Bed and Breakfast On The Green overlooking the golf course.  We checked in after the first session and were not surprised it offered complimentary wireless high speed internet.  As consumers we expected this – and our expecations were met!  Doesn’t everyone check into their accommodation when travelling and expect high speed wireless internet?

Hotel Grand Pacific
Following our last session at Fairwinds and a couple of meetings on our way from Nanoose Bay to Victoria we arrived for our two night stay at the Hotel Grand Pacific over looking the inner harbor.  We have never stayed here before, but had always admired the building and from the outside it looked fantastic.  In fact it very much reminded us of a Fairmont Hotel property.  As we pulled in, valet service staff awaited to open our car doors, they were dressed in a neat uniform complete with a top hat.  This is going to be great; we thought!

Swing and a Miss
The accommodations and staff were excellent.  The service in the lounge and from the valet was also above average, great start.  We got to our room after a long day and both fired up our laptops to view the usual 100+ incoming emails each… wait, no wireless?  A call to the front desk confirmed it, the Hotel Grand Pacific does not offer wireless high speed internet!  Hmm, we have two laptops, both need to check our email… what now?  Ethernet cable plug in (yes high speed), but only one plug and the cord provided is about 18″ long!  OK you go… OK change… OK your turn again… do you see how this went?

The Bottom Line
As a high end property, the Hotel Grand Pacific receives a failing grade from us.  Although the staff did exceed our expections, the internet option in the room received a massive failing grade.  As travellers who are self employed, our clients have an expectation… which is a speedy response to emails, Tweets, Facebook requests or other communication styles.  We failed them and the Hotel Grand Pacific failed us.  Luckily we were home 48 hours later and in the comfort of our home with high speed wireless, and all communications, inquires and requests have been returned to date!!!  We can cross the Hotel Grand Pacific Victoria off our list of places to stay when on Vancouver Island.