Our Travel Continues… Slowly
July 31, 2020 marked four years (1,460 days) since we packed up and started traveling. The last four months have not been what we expected, but that has not made us change our mind about remaining location independent. We are both still on the same page and have not considered a change, not even during a pandemic. In fact, the shift that we made in our third year, to longer stays, has served us well throughout the pandemic, but we already are looked forward to a shift back to moving more and seeing EVERYTHING as soon as it becomes safe to do so.

Pandemic Travel
When we had to cut our winter travel short we left Las Vegas and returned to our original home in Winnipeg. After a month we returned to what we consider our home now – the whole province of BC. We have been keeping our ‘bubble’ quite small. We have cut our dining out WAY back from pre-COVID and have embraced cooking and our own cocktail skills. We have not had an in person meeting as of yet (our Zoom account has been busy). But we still plan to travel, some long stays, some not so long stays, within this province for the next year or so.

BC Travel
After 6 weeks in Kelowna we spent a week in Mabel Lake before coming to Yaletown for the summer. We loved Mable Lake and are going back for the last week of August. We are spending 6 weeks in West Kelowna (until Thanksgiving) then start a bit of a BC road trip including Whistler and Vancouver Island from Courtenay and Nanaimo to Victoria to some new places to us – Sooke and Port Renfrew and possibly to a Gulf Island or two. From Christmas onward we are not really sure. We are considering three months in Kelowna which is a shocker since we have not seen a full winter (except for our 3 week quarantine in Winnipeg) in 4 years!! Just another new adventure.

Future Travel
We try not to think abut the great European plans that we had for this fall that will no longer be. We are optimistic that ‘this too shall pass’ and hope to resume world travels in late 2021. We are not in any rush to jump on a plane for 10+ hours in the next 12 months, and have NO intention of crossing into the US to finish our road trip (only 13 states to go) but we are getting restless already. While we can’t really plan big trips yet we do have two cruises booked. We have deposits that needed to be used so have booked one from Sydney, Australia in January 2022 and one from Venice, Italy in October 2022. These dates seem far enough off to be realistic, but who really knows.

For the next year we plan to see whatever we can in this great province in between some longer stays. We have started a blog series called #ExploreBC¬† including dining and happy hour locations as well as our trips through the province. If you have any places you love and want to share post a comment or send us a note. We’d love to hear new ideas. Just no camping please ūüėČ


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