302 Days (roughly 9.4 months) ~ May 26, 2017

Location Independent
As many of you have read on July 31, 2016 we put all our “stuff” in storage and gave up our beautifully located Coal Harbour, Downtown Vancouver Apartment to become nomadic or live location independent. Our parents seem to refer to this as homelessness. But we planned for a nine month adventure that included plenty of work, just from new and interesting (warmer) locations throughout the fall and winter. Hotel travels have been interesting as we previously posted.

Our Past 9 Months
August to mid-September were spent mostly in BC, back and forth to the Island and Vancouver. Similar to what we had been doing for the four or five months previously, but this time without the burden of rent in Vancouver. This is, in part, why we decided to go location independent. It was an expense neutral decision for the most part. Rent in Coal Harbour plus travel costs vs. just travel costs = about the same price.

We’ve had a great adventure that included stops in many great cities we’ve never been to. After mid-September we went cross country through Alberta and Saskatchewan to Winnipeg where we have family. We were there for three weeks although I flew back to Vancouver/ Vancouver Island for a week in the middle (I really did miss B.C.) for work. 

On October 15th we headed South from Winnipeg to Minneapolis then on to Chicago. Along the way we had stops in many great cities. From a work perspective we were able to get a lot done as most of our client golf courses were a three hour time change away. The perception was we were up early but in reality it allowed us to deal with the late night emails and get a jump on the morning work before enjoying the city we were in. We could follow that up in the evening before enjoying a late dinner.

I’m Tired
After 302 days of travel I have to admit I am tired. Tara may write her own thoughts on our adventure and this is my own opinion. It has been a blast and I wouldn’t trade the last 9 months for anything, but admit I am looking for a modified version of location independent. What does this mean? I’m not sure yet…

We move into our newly rented Yaletown apartment May 26th and plan to stay in it for about 4 1/2 months before deciding where to go next!

Stay Tuned
Part two of this blog includes the conclusion of our U.S. vacation and returning to Canada. Tune in a week from now!


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