Las Vegas Shows
We have now been to Vegas more than 10 times and sort of lost count. Each time we try to go to one new show. We have seen four Cirque shows and are kind of over Cirque. The last two visits have been about ‘rock shows’. Not really concerts, but unique ways of performing great rock classics. 

Raiding the Rock Vault
Last March we saw ‘Raiding the Rock Vault‘ at Hard Rock Hotel. The show tells the story of classic rock from the 1960s to the 1980s. The unique feature here is that the performers are all past members of some of the greatest rock bands in history. The performers rotate so you are never sure who will be on stage and what songs will be performed each night. On our show night the band included Robin McAuley (Lead Vocalist from Survivor), musicians from Dio, REO Speedwagon, Asia and Survivor plus Howard Leese, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Member and Guitarist from Heart. 

Tenors of Rock
This March (yesterday actually) we saw ‘Tenors of Rock‘ at Harrahs Showroom. The tenors are five male vocalists from the UK all with some serious vocal talent. They perform classic rock songs (and a Broadway hit) in a way that you would not always expect. Some of the songs are done almost traditionally while others are changed to suit their vocal range and unique sound as a group. There are five vocalists and three band members but you often feel like there is a whole choir and large band in front of you. The Tenors also tell the story of how they met, started the group, and throw in a bit of British humour throughout.

Legends vs Tenors
Your opinion of the shows will likely depend on your tastes – like ours. One of us preferred the Legends because of the song selection and because they performed more songs and told less stories. The other preferred the Tenors because of their sheer vocal talent and liked the mix of talking, humour and music with a bit of insight into the group. We bought the tickets for both shows from a Tix Tonight booth on the strip. Neither ticket was difficult to get for the dates that we were in town.

Both shows are worth seeing.

PS – Another show that we also would recommend, (but it is no longer in Las Vegas) is We Will Rock You. Although it was only in Vegas for about 2 years, it was the tenth longest running musical in West End history. The musical is based on the songs of British rock band Queen and the book by Ben Elton. You can now likely catch it at a more local theatre production.

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