Joe’s Kansas City Bar-B-Que
I have to admit Tara did a great job finding Joe’s Kansas City Bar-B-Que (the original location in a gas station) for us to have lunch. We arrived in Kansas City and had a late lunch at Joe’s. Tara will post a blog about the food later, but if you want to check out the website it is here. Spoiler alert… it was the best Bar-B-Que either of us have ever had! 

Kansas City Craft Beer
Joe’s features four craft beers on tap and all are local to Kansas. With our Bar-B-Que we tried the Yakimaniac IPA which we had never had before. Yakimaniac is brewed by Free State Brewing, located in Lawerence, Kansas. The beer is brewed with up to three pounds of Hops per barrel. The hops comes from Yakima Washington. By my count (according to their website) Free State Brewing currently has 59 varietals of beer listed.

At Free State, we don’t always strictly adhere to rules about beer styles, and we aren’t tied to marketing surveys. Our mission is much simpler than that: Provide good folks with great-tasting beer that is perfectly suited for almost any occasion.

The Yakimaniac IPA was a good beer and the hops were noticeable but did not leave a lingering aftertaste. We are in Kansas/ Missouri for a couple of more days and if I come across it again I would have another 🙂 Unfortunately it is only available in a keg so we won’t be able to pick any up while we are travelling.

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