Islamorada, Florida beer
Last week we spent four nights in the Florida Keys, the first two in Key West, the second two in Key Largo. We had fantastic resort accommodations but both towns were very different. Key West had more of an active night life and a very busy downtown. Key Largo was a bit more of a sleepy town. We enjoyed both and would go back for a visit anytime!

Driving Up the Florida Keys
We discovered the Islamorada Beer Company completely by accident. Making our way from Key West to Key Largo the town of Islamorada sits about half way between the two. We were early for our hotel reservation and weren’t sure if we would be able to check in or not. We drove past this place, which you can’t see from the highway until you are passing it. After a quick U-turn we were back to do a tasting and find out what it was all about.

Islamorada Beer Company, Key Largo, FloridaIslamorada Beer Company
Islamorada Beer Company opened their doors in 2014 and is 100% locally owned an operated. They hold the distinction of being #1 for craft beer sales in the Florida Keys. However, we had been there for two days and not heard of it until this visit. (Maybe they need some marketing help, for free beer?!) You can taste, more or less, as many or as few as you like. A $2 sample gets you about a 3 ounce pour. We decided to taste six and share them.

Channel Marker IPA
The clear winner for both of us was the Channel Marker IPA. With 5.18% alcohol and an IBU of 24 it is not an overly powerful IPA but the taste is clean and the colour a golden brown. You can only fill growlers at the tasting room, but we went up the street and found a liquor store that had it in six pack bottles. Purchase acquired!

Fun Fact About the Florida Keys
As we drove up from Key West to Key Largo we crossed 33 different bridges, including the famous 7 mile bridge (single lane all the way).

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