Old Village House Hotel, Courtenay, BC

First World Problems

So we’ve been on the road for more that 40 days, living location independent. You can read about the first 31 here! In our travels so far it has mostly been hotel stays in the various cities we’ve visited. Location independent doesn’t mean we are sleeping in our car, but rather staying in some pretty nice hotels along the way. The stays have varied from one night to 7 nights through this stage of our adventure.

Hotel Travels
During our hotel stays we’ve often commented (to each other) on things these properties could do differently to enhance the experience. Yes, these are first world problems, but here is our top 10:

  1. Provide real glassware, not plastic cups… that is just cheesy!
  2. If you have real glassware, do not put them in the bathroom… that is just gross!
    Fairfield by Marriott, Kamloops, BC

    Fairfield by Marriott, Kamloops, BC

  3. Ensure the WIFI signal is strong enough to run Netflix… in every room especially when you are full!
  4. Enlarge the size of your move in/ move out carts… we have a lot of stuff and sometimes need to use two carts to transport it to the room (truly first world)!
  5. Having a down hill slope where cars pull in for move in/ move out does make it difficult to stop the carts from moving… consider this!
  6. It is great that all hotels (more or less) have hi definition TV’s… it would be helpful if you subscribe to hi def channels so that the picture is improved!
  7. An ice machine on every floor is important… believe it or not!
  8. If you offer ‘free’ continental breakfast, can we have real plates and cutlery… the waste and garbage created by plastic and paper is disgusting!
  9. Please ensure you showers have enough water pressure… maybe have a manager stay in each room over a year to see these things!
  10. Free upgrades… it is awesome when our loyalty to hotel chains is rewarded ūüôā Thank you Marriott!


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