While the NHL powers that be, specifically Commissioner Gary Bettman, fight with Phoenix Coyotes majority owner Jerry Moyes for “custody” of the rights to the financially sinking Phoenix Coyotes NHL franchise, one has to wonder “Where is Wayne Gretzky”?

It is believed that Gretzky has two years remaining on his coaching contract with the team and his original purchase of 10% ownership was reduced to a lesser stake when Moyes bought the team in 2006. However, with Southern Ontario, Hamilton or even Winnipeg (I don’t believe the ‘Peg is even an option personally) emerging as potential sites to revive the franchise, it puzzles me that we haven’t heard a word, one way or the other, from the Great One!

As a believer that Vancouver, not Toronto, is the greatest city on earth, however I am hoping that Canada will get a 7th team, wherever it might be. I even bought two t-shirts from Jim Balsillie’s website, www.makeit7.com.