Toronto Mentality (Mentally)
We have a lot of good friends in Toronto and I hope they can see the humour in this blog post. However, on Monday night while watching the Strombo show the perception of our great country from a TO (and as I found out later – greater Ontario) perspective reared its ugly head. During the early part of the show George, who we like and is Tara’s secret boyfriend, referred to Monday as Mayoral Day in Canada. Umm, George, only Ontario had a mayoral election on Monday and TORONTO IS NOT THE CENTER OF THE UNIVERSE.

The Power of Twitter
So after I wrote a tweet explaining my opinion I got hit up on Twitter by George Stroumboulopoulos – and I was surprised! I guess I should not have been after watching Gary Vaynerchuk’s great video (see below) where he talks about being ‘hit up’ on twitter.  Anyway…George and I had a couple of Tweets back and forth. Well done George… connecting with the consumer! Check out the Strombo show on CBC at 11:05 PM in most regions. Tara and I really enjoy the show because George is such a fabulous and insightful interviewer.  We did prefer the old hour-long format better, but are getting used to the current shorter version.

The West Can Take Shots Too
I can’t usually let the opportunity slide to rip on Toronto (as a Vancouverite). On Saturday I posted a Tweet after a third straight Leaf’s loss that read “Took a few games, nice to see Leaf’s hockey is back. Tonight extended their losing streak to 3 games & counting!!” Mention that George! The Canucks are Canada’s Team PERIOD.

All in good fun!