This post is for those of you who are tired of talking about Mats Sundin and for that matter Roberto Luongo and the Vancouver Canucks in general. So let’s talk about football. Having grown up in Winnipeg we are still CFL fans. The Blue Bombers are to Winnipeg what the Canucks are to Vancouver. So now we tend to watch both the Bomber and Lions games and go to as many Lions games as we can in a season. But the point of this post is not about the CFL but rather how the current happenings in the NFL seem to be going unnoticed and rarely rate a full page in the Vancouver Sun or a few mentions on Sportsnet.

The NFL is usually quite predictable. Good teams are good all season and bad teams are bad all season. This is much different than the CFL in which you never know ‘until the fat lady sings’ who will actually contend for the Grey Cup. However, this year things have been different. This week in the NFL four teams competed in Conference Championship games that were all not likely contenders and the two teams that will be playing for a Super Bowl ring would have paid great odds in Vegas 3 months ago. At the beginning of the season the Cardinals were predicted to not even get out of their own division as Seattle was supposed to dominate but instead the Cardinals have achieved three great upsets to get to the big game. The Steelers were expected to challenge the Browns for their division title (which Pittsburgh won 31 to nothing) but still not make it all the way. The Fox Sports rankings listed the Titans, the Giants, the Panthers and the Colts as the top 4 teams in the league. So where are they now?

My point is that this is an exciting year for the NFL, and the upcoming Super Bowl game will be one to watch. So let’s take a break from the Canucks for a the next two weeks (especially with the All Star game this weekend) to reverse the ‘Canucks media overload’ and give them a chance to get their ‘stuff’ together so that they will be as exciting to watch as the NFL when the playoffs come around.

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