The regular season came to an end for the Vancouver Canucks at :40 seconds into overtime against the Colorado Avalanche on Saturday afternoon. Henrik Sedin banked a shot off the Colorado goalie for the 1-0 win. The Canucks only needed one point (the win does get them to 100 points though) to clinch first place overall in the Northwest division and wrap up third place in the West.

I’m looking forward to the playoffs as I’m tired of seeing the Canucks play down to the level of the sub .500 teams, such as the Avalanche, and struggle to look like the playoff bound team that they are. The Canucks play their best games against the better teams and that is why this season’s playoffs should make for some great hockey to watch in Vancouver. With the regular season now complete the Canucks will face the St. Louis Blues in the first round. View the full first round schedule of games here. Vancouver plays Game 1 Wednesday the 15th, 7:00 PM and Game 2 will go Friday the 17th also at 7:00 PM. Both games are home at the garage to start the first round.

I managed to get playoff tickets to Game 2 against the Blues in the first round on Ticketmaster Saturday morning. Let the quest for the Cup begin!

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