Luongo Overrated!
I’ve felt this for at least the last month and have generally only communicated it to Tara, but Bobby Lu is not meeting my expectations.  As Captain Canuck, a Gold Medal winner (dare I say due to some timely pucks hitting him rather than him making saves) and apparentley the Canucks saviour for a Stanley Cup run – he has been aweful! 

I Am a Die Hard Canuck Fan
As a die hard Canuck fan this is a hard blog to write.  I have been a fan of the team and support them through the good times and the bad, but Luongo’s play of late has left me questioning his ability to lead the team (of which I remain a die hard fan) to the promise of raising Lord Stanley’s Cup!

Our Blog Is My Place to Vent
I wasn’t sure I was going to write this blog despite having this feeling (impluse) for a couple of months, but when Bobby Lu put up a stinker against the the 30th place (last in the NHL) Oilers last night I was frustrated.  After a quick check of goaltender stats I find that Luongo is the 12th ranked goalie in the NHL based on save percentage, 14th ranked in goals against average and 10th in shutouts.  He barely ranks in the top 33% of goaltenders!  I’ll give you that he is 5th in wins but is also 8th in most games played so in my opinion that stat is useless.

The Bottom Line
Bobby Lu needs to step up and be better!  The rest of the team has been, the coaching staff has been (implimenting a more offensive style of play) and management has been (adding key players), so come on Luongo – show us you are worth the captaincy and financial commitment the team has made!!!

Signed – a frustrated fan!