Canucks vs. Leafs
In one of the most anticipated match-ups of the season on Saturday night featuring the Vancouver Canucks versus the Toronto Maple Leafs, Don Cherry (and the CBC for that matter) made an ass of themselves. Clearly the 27th ranked Leafs (out of 30 teams) against the 7th ranked Canucks was a miss-match from the beginning. The Canucks have had the Leafs number for the past couple of years, mind you the Leafs have been terrible for a while (years).

The Game
While the Leafs hung into the game for a while, the Canucks clearly are a better team. While close at 2-1 in the third, the Canucks put it away when at 3-1 Henrik Sedin scored an empty netter to make it 4-1 with 31 seconds remaining in the game. As usual when the Leafs come to Vancouver our boys are at a disadvantage having to play on Toronto time making the game an early start (4 pm on a Saturday night) to accommodate Toronto and Leaf fans, but as usually it didn’t matter. CBC did its usual pro-Leafs pregame giving them most of the coverage (in my opinion) mainly talking about how good they played in a loss to Calgary (yes those 24th ranked Flames).

Don Cherry Proved He Is an Ass
It is clear CBC has very much become like TSN (Toronto Sports Network) in their clear support of the Leafs. In the post game show immediately after the game I thought Don Cherry was the biggest ass I have seen on a Hockey Night in Canada Broadcast, clearly proving his bias. As a reminder the Leafs were out played, less disciplined (6 penalties versus 4 for the Canucks) and lost 4-1. However, Cherry chooses to start with a minute on the great effort put in by the Leafs (I took to calling them the Laughs on Twitter last night). I’m OK with that; he is entitled to his opinion. Where I become disillusioned with his comments was the derogatory remarks about Kesler ‘finally’ getting an attitude adjustment, Burrows needing to ‘shut-up’ and Henrik not passing on the empty netter (clearly the most unselfish player in the game and being piggy backed by a Leaf on the goal with no penalty pending). I’ve been a fan of Don Cherry for a long time, not anymore. I’m also tired of the CBC and their continued bias of the Leafs on Hockey Night in Canada Broadcasts!!

I think the world shifted West after this game and the ‘center of the universe’ now resides in Vancouver – wake up Cherry and CBC!!