I like Mike Toth. I really enjoy his columns and regularly read them on Sportsnet.ca. However Mike, in your recent Blog titled “What’s Wrong with the CFL?” (click here to read Mike Toth’s full Blog post) I think you are just wrong and in fact I believe just the opposite. There is nothing wrong with the CFL!

Mr. Toth’s three main points were the following; 1) Not enough teams, creating a lack of variety in the schedule. 2) A serious lack of on-field discipline, leading to a parade of penalties. 3) The import ratio requiring teams to carry 20 Canadians, which excludes a lot of Americans who are more talented.

In response to your Blog Mr. Toth I offer the following counter opinions; 1) Isn’t this what we complain is wrong with the NHL, there are two many teams and not enough rivalries? The rivalries created in the CFL are fantastic and it isn’t it great to enjoy a good game and know that we will get to see the two teams square off again in a few weeks. I’d love to see the Canucks have more opportunities to continue to beat the Leafs instead of the current once per year. 2) This one seems like you were filling space to make sure you reached 3 topics for your list. What league at the start of the season doesn’t see teams take more penalties that at the end of the season. You posted your blog before week three in the CFL has even begun. I think you jumped the gun on this one. 3) You write some fantastic blogs about the Canadian Hockey League and your passion for the CHL shows in your writing. So in your opinion should the CHL remove their import rule to allow more European players into the league if there are better then our Canadian kids? I don’t think so, the CFL is a Canadian League and Canadian content and players are very important to most fans. I am surprised they are not important to you!

I think the CFL is fantastic and look forward to going to as many Lions home games as I can every year. I’ll concede that if one thing could be changed I would ensure all games are played in 3 hours or less. I hate when my Lions games are delayed on T.V.’s double header because game one out East went long.

Looking forward to continuing to read your posts!