The Par 3 Contest, A Tradition
The Par 3 contest at Augusta National turns 50 years old this year on April 6th prior to the annual playing of The Masters.  The golf course itself sits on only 12 acres of land, is home to Ike’s pond (former President Dwight Eisenhower) and plays to a par of 27.  The golf course is 1,060 yards long, has had 70 hole-in-ones recorded during the competition and the course record is 20, 7 under par (shared by Art Wall and Gay Brewer).

Strange Tradition
The strangest tradition at August National, by tradition I suppose you could say curse, is that no player who has won the Par 3 tournament has gone on to the win The Masters (or big tournament).  In fact only Vijay Singh has won both events in different years (the Par 3 in 1994 and The Masters in 2000).  For the fans the Par 3 contest has been hugely poplular with thousands in attendance and has been shown live on ESPN/TSN since 2008.

Will This Be The Year?
So will this be the year that a player wins both tournaments?  I’m not sure but we posted a questions about who will win The Masters on our Facebook Fan Page, click hear to add your comment, I’m going with Angel Cabrera.  For the record I also think he could win both this year!