Summer Time
It may not officially be summer time (June 21st) but our summer began this past week.  There were a few things that we do that signify the beginning of the summer time:

#1 – First Golf Day

Last Thursday Jeff pulled the golf clubs out of the closet and went to University Golf Club and hit some balls on the driving range.  We really don’t do golf in the winter (although you can play year round in Vancouver) or in any form of inclement weather for that matter, however this day was perfect.  The driving range tee set-up was moved out from the covered stalls and into the sun and it was a perfect day for a little golf striking (and rust removal).

#2 – First Outdoor Patio Lunch
Last Friday we had a bunch of work related things to do in the morning, but once they were done we found ourselves heading home down 4th.  We quickly found a parking spot and headed to one of favourite places – Las Margaritas.  On this day, again with the sun shinning, we choose to sit outside on the patio to enjoy our lunch and Mexican beer for Jeff and the Classic Margarita for Tara.

#3 – First Bike Ride
Also last Friday marked our first bike ride around the Stanley Park Seawall.  Jeff even managed to take out a “newbie” rollerblader.  Yes it was an accident and in fairness the guy was rollerblading like he was drunk with no concept of passing on the Seawall.

#4 – Shorts
Finally last week was the first day Jeff broke out the shorts.  This is big because once he wears them the first time each year he won’t wear pants except for about 10 times when we meet new clients.  After the client relationship is established future meetings are done in his shorts.

Whether you think so or not, in our opinion summer has arrived.  Bring on the fun!  Please post a comment we would love you thoughts on what summer means to you.