Man do I hate the Ryder Cup! If you haven’t guessed it from my two previous blogs, luckily you can click on the links PGA of America Selects Cory Pavin as the Next U.S. Ryder Cup Captain and Ryder Cup to review my previous posts about golf’s most over-hyped event.

The latest news coming from the Europe is that Colin Montgomerie is the lead candidate, according to bookmakers (they’ll bet on anything in Europe), to be named Captain of the 2010 European squad. If this is true Monty would lead the team into “battle” in Scotland for the 2010 event.

With out repeating much of my previous blogs on this topic, I’ll again finish with a big Who Cares? The Captain makes no difference in my opinion and to start hyping the event this early typically means only one of two things. One, television ratings were low and the added press is needed to hype the event two years ahead to try and drum up better ratings. Two, the Americans won (in 2008) and nothing hypes up the public like a feeling of a “dynasty” emerging and now is the time to capitalize on 08’s success.

In any event, I hope they do name Monty Captain and soon – then there will be nothing else to report for at least the next 12 months on the Ryder Cup.

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