While we were out at the Canadian Junior Golf Association’s second event last weekend at Hazelmere Golf and Country Club, we had a chance to check out and test a new golf product called Mibrella.

Mibrella was created by founder Mike Gourdine who originally was looking to fill a void for a customized and unique tee gift for corporate tournaments. From our demo of the product, he has not only done that but along the way developed a product that is a revolution in the functionality of Umbrellas.

Probably the most unique feature of Mibrella is its load-n-go holder which attaches to each side of the golf cart near the top of the windshield frame. The idea is to allow you to use Mibrella when you are away from the cart (on the green or waiting to on the tee box). When you return to your cart, simply drop the Mibrella into the holder and off you go (hence the Load-n-go name). The holder eliminates having to open, close and store the Mibrella before and after each shot. Mibrella can also be placed in the holder when driving the cart which provides extra cover to each passenger. This was the part we were a bit suspect of as we took a drive around all 18 holes at Hazelmere.

At the start I felt we would be lucky to still have the Mibrella after one hole, never mind all 18 as it was a breezy, cold day with a steady rain coming down. We finished our tour of all 18 holes and I have to say, I was impressed! Not only was the Mibrella still intact, but my right side (I was in the passenger seat) was completely dry as the Mibrella provided an extra 24 or so inches of coverage in addition to the golf cart roof, which let’s face it, never keeps you dry enough when there is wind with the rain.

As an umbrella, the Mibrella has an asymmetrical design that allows maximum coverage for the golfer, equivalent to a 72” round umbrella. With a longer then average rubber grip handle the Mibrella allows you to “grip up” and provide a better hold on windy days.

Mibrella also provides golf courses with several revenue opportunities ranging from its uniqueness as a corporate event tee gift or as a value add-on to rental carts during tournaments. It can also be customized with corporate or golf course logos and is available in a variety of standard and assorted colors. Mibrella can only be found in green grass retail locations and you can view their website at mibrella.com.

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