It was nice to finally see Golf 2020 step up and announce the next player development initiative last week. Particularly this one, as it focuses on adult player development. While we are all for the programs that have been previously launched around kids and certainly realize the importance of youth on the long term impact of the game, in our discussions with owners and operators across the country an immediate program to bring new players into the game is of upmost importance, especially considering the current state of the world economy.

Get Golf Ready is targeted to millions of U.S. adults who have never played golf, or who have minimal pervious connection to the game. Participants will be provided with skills training as well as background on the game’s rules, etiquette and values. The initiative is designed to bring adults into the game in a comfortable, enjoyable manner through a series of five introductory lessons in a small-group environment. Each of the five sessions features significant on-course learning opportunities. The program will be offered in many locations at $99, although pricing may vary slightly by facility.

To view the whole press release for Get Golf Ready, click here.

Let’s hope that the launch of this program in the U.S. will again ignite the fires of the Canadian Golf Industry and get Play Golf moving forward again. While fundraising programs were launched about a year ago and the recent announcement of a NAGA economic impact study of golf in this economy, we believe most of the industry is waiting for the launch of a program specifically targeted to increase the rounds of golf being played. We’ve heard this saying often “there are no new ideas, only stolen ones”, so lets Grow the Game Canada!