I am guessing that I am about the millionth writer/blogger to report that Mike Weir is on the Canadian Golf Hall of Fame nomination list. When I heard this, the first thing that popped into my mind about any Hall of Fame recipient is retirement. Of course Weir, at 38 years old, is a ways away from his swan song on the PGA Tour and I had to wonder why now? Based on other news releases I have been reading, along with the many blogs on this topic, I realized it meant that ‘timing is everything’. Essentially this eludes to the fact that the RCGA is 100 years old and with the Canadian Open in Weir’s home province of Ontario, some PR and Marketing are at work here.

There is no doubt in my mind that Weir is a deserving candidate who would more than likely be in the Hall at some point soon in his career, I just hope that Canadians everywhere including Weir, don’t feel that we expect less than greatness from him over the next 10 years on the PGA Tour!

Another point to be made as I researched the Hall of Fame section the RCGA’s website – How has Ben Kern or Jack McLaughlin not been elected to the Hall? A disservice in my opinion and something worth lobbying for!

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