Greg Norman’s Great Idea
I read Greg Norman’s idea from an eblast (damn broadcast media got me) that Golfweek Business puts out weekly. We’ve all heard this before, but Norman is the most recent to say, “We have to get more players into the game and be increasingly creative in the ways to attract them.” That is certainly not a new statement and I think we all agree we need a radical change for good of the game. As an industry we have to admit that we have been largely unsuccessful in driving new players to play golf.

Too Expensive
Norman also went on to say, “Golf has to become more accessible and affordable. It has to open up.” Hud Hinton, Troon Golf President and CEO added, “The game is too expensive to play, too difficult to play, too expensive to operate – and the pace of play is to slow.” Sounds about right doesn’t it?

Why Not 12 Holes
Norman also stated that “there is nothing that says golf has to be 18 holes. Why shouldn’t 12-hole courses be successful?” To be clear I don’t think this is a new idea either and I’m pretty sure I have been telling people for years that we needed 12-hole golf courses, ideally where the 3rd, 6th and 9th holes all returned near the clubhouse. We’ve tried everything else, so who is going to be the first operator in Canada to build a 12-hole golf course? It could be trend setting!!