Some rambling thoughts were going through my head as I was scanning for the final round results of the weekly PGA Tour and Nationwide Tour events (which I routinely do on Sunday night). Scanning the PGA Tour results from the past weekend I see that Phil Mickelson had won this week’s CA World Golf Championship, Michael Bradley the secondary weekly Tour event, which was for players not eligible for the World Golf Championships, and Alex Prugh who won the Nationwide Tour event it suddenly occurred to me that it has probably been 7 -10 years since I have even scanned the Senior PGA Tour (now the Champions Tour) results on-line or even in the paper.

Probably the last time I viewed or cared about the Champions Tour was when local B.C. boy (Senior Tour Player) Ray Stewart finished second in a Champions Tour start in Washington. So my obscure thought of the day is how much value does the Champions Tour have? I for one believe it isn’t much. Personally, I think the Champions Tour, when it was created, was a great idea to further showcase the talents of the “retired” likes of Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer and Lee Trevino to name a few that could no longer compete against the ‘young guns’ on the PGA Tour. However, in today’s world of Senior golf it seems that all the Champions Tour has to offer is an opportunity for those past their prime to continue their career and earn a few final million with no cut for poor play involved.

Frankly I’m uninterested in this Tour or the current players (I couldn’t even name three players in the top 10 in money on the 2008 Champions Tour money list) and feel if the Champions Tour doesn’t do something dramatic to increase the value of their product they may go the way of the (Canadian) Accuform Irons and fade into the night not to be heard from again.

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