Great Weather for Golf
I had a chance to play Morgan Creek Golf Course in Surrey, BC the other day, on a chance invite from a couple of great guys I had met through Twitter.
For a mid-September day the weather was fantastic to the point that I regretted not wearing shorts!

I’ve played Morgan Creek about a half a dozen times in the last ten years or so and the last time was probably a year or two ago. I have to admit that I don’t think of it much do in large part to its location and distance from downtown. However, I do remember from my last visit that I really did enjoy playing there.

The Golf Course
After teeing off on the first hole, the most difficult on the course, the next 17 holes are much more fun and enjoyable in my opinion. The golf course was in excellent shape. I seem to always leave Morgan Creek thinking it has some of the best fairways and tee boxes in the Lower Mainland. What really impressed me the most was how dry the fairways were. Considering the 24 hours of consecutive rain the Lower Mainland had the day before you couldn’t find a puddle on them. The previous day’s dampness did have a small impact on the greens as they weren’t running quite as fast as I had remembered previously, although they still rolled very true. The rain also did have an impact on the green side bunkers as most are set below the level of the green and likely capture some extra run off water. The usually light and fluffy sand was heavy and wet on this day and made them more difficult to play from.

Overall Experience
The overall experience was a good one at Morgan Creek, even with the one hourish drive. It is one that I would make again to have another game there! If you live in Surrey or the Fraser Valley in general this should be on your annual must play list.