Belmont Golf Course
I had my second chance to play Belmont Golf Course in Langley, B.C. last week.  I wrote a blog the first time I played and it can be viewed here.  This visit to Belmont was for the JT Insurance / CK Golf Solutions Club Pro Skins Game.

The Golf Course
We were lucky to play the course about a week after the West Coast Golf Pro-Am.  The golf course and in particular the greens, exceeded my and all the players in our event, expectations.  Belmont is in great shape, despite the weather Vancouver has experienced this spring.  The Par 3’s, with only one of six under 200 yards, are particularly tough but the Par 4’s and 5’s provide for some scoring opportunities.  All in all, the course is in great shape and was a lot of fun to play!  We would recommend a visit. 

14th Hole – Par 3 at Belmont Golf Course

By the way Jeff won $105 for a skin and a KP in the event which had no effect on the above comments!

Skins Game Results
Jason Matlock – $220
Muncie Booth – $55
Jeff Ciecko – $55
Dahman Boudraa – $55
Michael Mather – $55

KP’s – Jeff Ciecko & Kirk Nederpelt – $50

Kidsport 50/50 – $30 Scott Cranston (Total raised to date $108)