In today’s Globe and Mail, Lorne Rubenstein wrote an article that again brought up the should they, shouldn’t they question concerning the Royal Canadian Golf Association. The article details the RCGA’s interest in getting into some form of golf course ownership, operation, construction and/ or possibly all three.

This of course was big news in the industry about two or so years ago when the National Golf Course Owners Association adamantly opposed the RCGA’s involvement in the day to day operation or ownership of a golf course that could cause unfair competition among private owners and in a lot of cases these owners pay RCGA dues. Rubenstein’s article opens the latest speculation about the RCGA’s efforts to elevate the Canadian Open and whether the construction of a Tiger Woods design would help our National Championship.

What I find most interesting about the story was the fact that the Canadian Open and CN Women’s Open broke-even financially and the Amateur events (they are an Amateur not Professional body) lost over $2 million dollars. Maybe this should be the focus of the RCGA’s future plans?

To read Lorne Rubenstein’s article, click here!