Vancouver Lunch Spots
Yes we eat out a fair bit. And while it looks like on social media that we may always be together, we actually find a separate place to work/ eat most days. Sometimes (and almost always on Fridays) this also involved lunch.  Now that we are back in the big city the options are endless. So this series is a round up of our favourite, unique and very diverse lunch spots in Vancouver.

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My pick of the week – Tara

Railtown Cafe – 968 Howe Street

I walked past a few weeks ago and wondered why this place was called Railtown Cafe, being on Howe Street Downtown and not in Railtown at all. So I looked online and found out that what started on the corner of Railway and Dunlevy in the historic Railtown District of Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside in 2012 now has three locations is Vancouver with a fourth coming soon. Fresh, healthy comfort food prepared from scratch daily is the theme with the menu including Sandwiches and Salads of the pre-set and build your own variety plus fresh pastries and a few breakfast features. The salad that I chose felt a bit more on the ‘comfort’ food side than the ‘healthy’ side but it was very good. ‘The Chop’ – romaine, iceberg, beet, egg, tomato, cheddar, bacon and white balsamic dressing ($10) add chicken ($5) was stacked with large portions of all of the proteins. The beets added some great flavor and the dressing was rich and creamy (so you don’t need much). I do prefer my chopped salad really chopped and mixed together Chicago style. This version was more Chef style with chopped lettuce. It was good but next time I will try a different one.

My pick of the week – Jeff

The Fountainhead Pub – 1025 Davie Street 

It’s a new record! For the fourth consecutive week I am pretty sure I found another place that Tara will likely never set foot in. The Fountainhead Pub is located just off Burrard Street on the West side of Davie Street. With 6 items on the menu priced at $6 I was hooked. I had the grilled ham & cheese sandwich with fries. Yup… just six bucks. It was a pretty plain lunch, but was what I was looking for. The place was clean, the food good but average, the service was also average but the WIFI was free so all was good. Not a place I would go out of my way to visit, but if in the area again I’d give it another try. The half Beef Dip I saw come out of the Kitchen (also on the $6 menu) looked pretty good too!

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