Vancouver Lunch Spots
Yes we eat out a fair bit. And while it looks like on social media that we may always be together, we actually find a separate place to work/ eat most days. Sometimes (and almost always on Fridays) this also involved lunch.  Now that we are back in the big city the options are endless. So this series is a round up of our favourite, unique and very diverse lunch spots in Vancouver.

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My pick of the week – Tara

Nuba – 508 Davie Street

Nuba just happens to be on the ground floor of our new temporary residence. It has taken me a couple weeks because it is small and often crowded but for a late lunch this week I got a seat at the bar. Nuba offers authentic Lebanese cuisine with a farm to table approach. They use local and organic suppliers for as many ingredients as possible. You can view a list of some of their suppliers on their website.  There are four locations in Vancouver and the menus vary slightly but all include Mezzes (appetizers), Soups, Salads and Plates (mains). I tried the Grilled Chicken & Feta Salad – Mount Lehman chicken breast and Macedonian Feta with organic greens, tomato, cucumber, chickpeas, carrots and green onions served with a lemon-sumac dressing for $15. The salad was very good, the chicken tender and the feta delicious and creamy but not too heavy. I definitely see more visits in the next few months while we call this building home.


My pick of the week – Jeff

Phat Sports Bar & Lounge – 1055 Mainland St. 

For the third week in a row I likely found a place Tara will never set foot in! Phat Sports Bar & Lounge attracted me because of the outside patio and T.V.’s (although I sat inside at the bar for lunch). There are plenty of T.V.’s inside too and it does look like a fun place to watch a game. There are two locations in Vancouver but this is the first time I have ventured into one. The menu is small but full of interesting sandwich options, including a build your own (which I will have to come back and try). On this day I opted for the Montreal smoked meat sandwich and was assured the meat was lean, which it was. The sandwich, on fresh marble rye and came with a choice of yellow mustard or Dijon. I choose Dijon. Wow, did it have some serious kick to it. The sandwich with the side dill pickle was great over all. At $9.99 for lunch I’ll be back but I think I’ll stick to the regular mustard next time. I also can’t wait for the Seahawks season to start so I can enjoy the game on their patio with a pint!

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