Vancouver Lunch Spots
Yes we eat out a fair bit. And while it looks like on social media that we may always be together, we actually find a separate place to work/ eat most days. Sometimes (and almost always on Fridays) this also involved lunch.  Now that we are back in the big city the options are endless. So this series is a round up of our favourite, unique and very diverse lunch spots in Vancouver.

My pick of the week – Tara

Tractor – 547 Robson Street

Tractor is a healthy lunch spot with the tag line ‘Everyday Healthy Foods’ and four locations in Vancouver. I visited the location on Robson Street for a late lunch (1:30pm) because it was too busy to get a table at noon. It is a cafeteria style restaurant in which you can see the large selections of in-house made salads behind the counter. In addition to the salads the menu includes protein add ons, sandwiches, soups and stews. You order and pay, are given a number, and your meal is brought to your table. The service is quick and friendly. On this date I ordered the Green Pea Potato Salad (green peas, julienne snap peas, crushed red potatoes, mint and basil, lemon dressing) and a 1/2 Tuna Melt (Albacore Tuna, onions, dressing). Both were delicious! It is nice that sandwiches are available in halves and all nutritional details for each item can be found online. Tractor is also open for breakfast which I will be trying soon.

My pick of the week – Jeff

The Famous Warehouse – 989 Granville Street 

Completely the opposite of Tara I tend to seek out a hole-in-the-wall dive type place. The Famous Warehouse on Granville Street certainly fit the bill. The restaurant is also referred to as ‘everything $4.95’ which of course was the price on every menu item. Per the intro to this blog I wouldn’t call this a favourite place, but it was certainly unique and diverse. You can view the menu here.

I had the hard tacos and while they were OK (and only $4.95) the ground beef was waaayyy to spicy. I downed a glass of water with each taco. The value for the meal was also OK but I need to find a new place for next week’s blog. Not sure I’ll go back to this pub in the future.

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